Here are eight classes of membership of the Institute as follows:

  • Fellows
  • Full members
  • Associate Members
  • Graduate Members
  • Architectural Technologist
  • Architectural Technicians
  • Student Members
  • Honourary Fellows
  • Honourary Members
  • Foreign Members

Application for membership except in the case of Honourary members and Honourary Fellows shall be made to the Honourary General Secretary and admission to membership shall be by a majority decision of the Executive Council. The Institute may confer honourary membership on deserving persons; on the recommendation of the Executive Council only.

Application for membership shall be made on a form obtainable from the Secretariat for consideration of the Executive Council. All applications shall give sufficient documentation about the applicant’s qualifications to enable the Executive Council decide the appropriate class of membership to which the applicant shall be elected.


Every member who has complied fully with the requirements for admission and paid his Admission fees and first annual subscription as prescribed in the By-Laws, may be formally introduced and admitted at any of the Institute functions (Dinners and General Meetings)

A member of the Institute shall be required to be actively involved in the activities of the Institute and shall be required to be a member of a State Chapter and/or serve in at least one Committee or Sub-Committee of the Institute.

Please read important information below:

1. Photocopies of documents to be attached to application form:

     a)     Ordinary Level Certificate or its equivalent

     b)      Advance Level Certificate or its equivalent (if any)

     c)      B.Sc. Arch., M.Sc. Arch Certificates or their equivalent

     d)      N.Y.S.C. Certificate – (Discharge or exemption)

     e)      Nigerian Institute of Architects’ Certificate of Professional Competence (if application is for Full Registration)

     f)      Nigerian Institute of Architects’ Finals 2 Certificate (where school attended is not accredited or recognized)

     g)      Evidence of change of name (if applicable)

The NIA insists on candidates possessing the minimum requirements for studying

Architecture as follows:

Credits in G.C.E “O” Level or its equivalents to include: Mathematics, Physics, English plus any other two subjects but preferably chosen from the following:- Fine Arts, Chemistry, Economics _ Geography.

2. All copies of credentials being submitted by applicant must have “Original seen by me” and duly signed and dated with name of the signatory (who must be a current Council Member) after sighting the originals.

3. Originals of Certificates should be produced on request.

4. Details or experience to be stated on supplementary form and attached to application form

5. Referees must be full members of the Institute. At least one of the referees must have been a member of not less than 5years’ standing, while the second referee must have been a member of not less than 3 years standing. All referees must current on dues payment.

6. It is the duty of the applicant to find out the financial status of the referees.

8. In the event of any of the two referees not being a financial member of the Institute, the application forms of the applicant would be rejected and the applicant would be required to purchase new application forms from the NIA Secretariat.

10. Two copies of your passport photograph duly endorsed by one of the Referees as follows: “True appearance of Mr./Mrs./Miss_________________________” dated and signed.

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