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A fusion of the contemporary Nigerian residential style and modernist architecture, give a fairly apt description of the Gbagada apartments by Lagos-based Studio Stoone Designs.

Located within a gated estate in Gbagada, mainland Lagos, the fully serviced development comprises two and three bedroom apartments with maids quarters. It sits on a narrow and long site sandwiched between two roads. The first- a private road into a private estate, and the second – a busy road cutting through Gbagada high street.

The initial proposal offered a scheme of two apartment blocks, one to face each road, but this was disapproved by planning authorities. The next proposal offered a more engaging solution.

The idea was to frame and encapsulate the views on both roads within a singular structure. The structure would also seemingly float off the ground, a nod to the water logged state of the site originally. The result of these idea is a building that wears a familiar aesthetic if you’re conversant with residential architecture in urban Nigeria (predominantly Lagos) but equally offers a refreshing feature in form of large terraces that wrap around the apartments. Large floor-to-ceiling doors help frame the aforementioned views while ensuring a bright and airy interior. The terrace aids in shading the prominent fenestration also offering a fairly large space to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Its a fine example of residential design responding to and making the best of site constraints.

Gbagada Apartmnt_09Studio Stoone


Gbagada Apartmnt_01Studio StooneGbagada Apartmnt_08Studio StooneGbagada Apartmnt_07Studio StooneGbagada Apartmnt_06Studio StooneGbagada Apartmnt_05Studio StooneGbagada Apartmnt_04Studio StooneGbagada Apartmnt_03Studio StooneGbagada Apartmnt_02Studio Stoone

Project: Aparments – Gbagada, Lagos
Collaborators: Rhombus 24, OHMS consultants, Topwind Engineers
Status: Completed March 2016

Find out more about the project via their official website or connect with them on facebook, instagram, linkedin and twitter.

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